Rob Harbour


Born on the 21st of June, Rob Harbour is a true Summer boy who draws inspiration from the seascapes and sunbursts he grew up with in the beautiful, Mediterranean Island of Malta. 

Just over two years ago, Rob traded the sun and sea for the hustle and bustle of London, where he won over many an audience with melancholic tunes about tales of love lost and love gained. 

Inspired by modern greats such as Damien Rice and Dallas Green, Rob makes everyday observations with vivid technicolor-like descriptions bringing his stories of love, relationships, struggle and hope to life.

Rob Harbour performs regularly on the London circuit, and will be releasing his debut UK EP in 2016.

"Some songs are in black and white, and some songs are in colour… This song is definitely in colour…"

- Nicky Chinn on Tower Bridge Road


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Rob Harbour
Bass / Barnabas Chappell
Drums / Gabor Sandor

Photography by James Lincoln